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BROWN AND BROWN, PLC has 25 years of experience dealing with insurance companies. We know all the tricks that the insurance companies love to play with people unrepresented by lawyers and even in some cases those represented by attorneys. One of the biggest things to watch out for with the insurance companies is that they are really good at settling cases for a fraction of what the case is actually worth. If you hire our attorneys you will get skilled and experience representation in your dealings with the insurance companies. Our firm will do all the necessary legal research and analysis to help you make informed decisions before settling with the insurance company or selling yourself short.

Call today for a free consultation. Our firm takes these cases on contingency, hourly or flat rate or even a combination of the three.  If we handle it on a contingency basis, then there is no fee unless we win!

Insurance Settlement Negotiations – We have successfully represented clients in their negotiations with the insurance companies both before a lawsuit has been filed and after. It is never a guarantee, but from our experience clients have had much more success having attorneys involved in the negotiation process than those who tried to attempt to settle with the insurance company on their own. Call or email today for a free consultation!

Property Insurance (Commercial) and Homeowners Insurance –

If you are a business or own property for investment you would be well advised to obtain insurance for the premises. Property insurance provides indemnification of a first-party insured for property damaged or destroyed to the extent of the insured’s insurable interest. The most basic type of property insurance available is coverage for buildings and contents. In addition to homeowners property insurance, commercial policies are available to cover loss of business income, extra expenses, stock, machinery and equipment, tenant improvements, pollution cleanup, and other business interests. Sometimes things that you would not think can be covered are in fact covered. For example, dog bites or injuries suffered on someone’s property is usually covered by insurance. There is no guarantee and the insurance companies will fight you anyway they can to avoid paying these claims. This is why it is important to hire attorneys that are skilled in both dealing with the insurance companies and also in the applicable law. 

Auto Insurance –  Michigan’s no fault insurance act covers two types of claims; first-party claims and third party claims. A first party claim is a claim you file with your insurance company to cover such things as:

Medical expenses
Accommodations required for your care
Recovery and rehabilitation
Lost wages and income
Replacement services, attendant care, funeral expenses and assistance for daily activities for and injured persons.

Third party claims are claims are those between an injured party and the party that was negligent in causing the injury. The injury suffered must meet a legal threshold to be recoverable such as death, permanent or serious disfigurement or serious impairment of an important bodily function.

Medical Insurance– Have you been denied coverage for a claim that was supposed to be covered by your private health insurance provider? Have you had the nightmare experience of dealing with Medicare and Medicaid in fighting for coverage? Our attorneys have successfully negotiated millions of dollars in insurance coverage with Medicare and Medicaid. The phone call to Brown and Brown, PLC to deal with this nightmare maybe the best phone call you ever make.

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