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How long do I have to appeal a criminal Conviction?

Under recent changes to Michigan Law, the appeal period has been shortened from 18 months to 6 months.  Therefore it is important to hire an attorney with appeal experience and get your appeal filed right away.  

I have a case, but I do not have money to hire an attorney. What are my options?

The Michigan State Bar does not allow attorneys to handle criminal or family law on a contingency basis.  However, most other cases can be handled on a contingency basis or a hybrid of part contingency part fix rate or hourly.  Since every case is unique it will be important to contact our firm to discuss what options are available to fit your individual needs.

Do you accept credit card? 

Yes, we accept all major credit cards.

The owner of the company has been harassing me at work.  What should I do?

Typically, if there is no procedure in place you can file a lawsuit right away.  However, there may be a procedure that the company has adopted regarding reporting.  Our firm offers a free consultation on the initial phone call.  Call today so that we can help you best protect your rights and interests. 

My current custody arrangement is not working.  Is there anyway I can change it? 

Yes child support and child custody are always modifiable.  However, if there is an established custodial environment, you will need clear and convincing evidence to modify custody. 

I was in an accident with a driver that did not have insurance can I sue?

Yes.  It will be important that you have sufficient uninsured motorist coverage.  Call our firm today for a free consultation. 

I did not have a contract, can I still sue? 

The answer is yes under certain circumstances especially when you performed your end of the bargain.  Call today for a free consultation regarding your contract dispute. 

Why should I incorporate or form an LLC? 

There are many benefits to forming an LLC or incorporating your business.  For example, one big benefit is that it can protect you in some circumstances from individual liability.  This will depend on other factors as well.  Call today to discuss incorporating or forming a Limited Liability Company. 

Is there anyway to avoid the probate court?

Yes, with proper estate planning you can potentially avoid the need for your estate to go to probate.  There will be many other factors that must be addressed in order for this to work and it may very on your individual situation.  Our firm has 25 years of experience in probate court, forming trusts and estate planning.  Call today to discuss your estate planning needs. 

The police want to question me what should I say?  Am I free to leave?

If you are not free to leave, then you should demand to speak to an attorney before you give any statements to the police.  Always remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Should I hire an Attorney for help with my driver's license appeal?

In our experience, yes! Having a driving license is a privilege.  It is not a right and therefore the Secretary of State and the Circuit Court have broad discretion.  An Attorney can help you adequately prepare your filings and prepare for hearing so that you are in the best possible position to obtain a license back. The attorney will ask questions of you at the hearing to help build your case and give a powerful closing argument on your behalf.

What if I lose my driver license's appeal at the Secretary of State?  Can I appeal that decision?

Yes, you can file an appeal with the Circuit Court.

What is the waiting period to apply for your license after receiving a DUI conviction?

Pursuant to current Michigan Law the following is the waiting periods:

If it is your first revocation, you must serve a one year non-appealable revocation period.  After this period is served then you will be eligible to appeal the subsequent denial to the Secretary of State.

If it is you second revocation within 7 years, then you must serve a five year period of revocation before having the right to appeal the subsequent denial.

What is the standard for getting back your license?

You will have to prove your case by "clear and convincing" evidence.  This is a very high standard in the law and requires a very strong presentation of evidence.