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BROWN AND BROWN, PLC of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan represents clients in amicably resolving their disputes with the credit card companies. Our firm has experience in lawsuits involving credit card debt, credit card identity theft cases, negotiating credit card debt and alternate dispute resolution regarding credit card debts.

Are your phones ringing constantly from debt collectors?  

Hire our firm today and we can direct that all further calls go through our office.  This will take tremendous stress off your shoulders and allow our experienced attorneys deal with the constant phone calls. 

Are you receiving threatening letters in the mail? 

Hire our firm today and we can direct that all communication be directed to our office and the harassing letters can be stopped. 

Has your credit card debt become unbearable? 

Depending on your situation it may not make sense to continue to pay endless debt. 

Have you been sued by a credit card company?

Our firm has handled all size credit card debt litigation.  If you are sued your time for responding to the lawsuit may be running up, it is important that you call our firm today. 

Do you have multiple credit cards that are maxed out? 

Our firm takes a comprehensive approach to reviewing all your credit card, other income and assets and total situation to determine what the best course of action is.  Many times it does not make sense to continue to pay credit card debt you will never get out of.  Call today for a free consultation. 

Many times the credit card companies take advantage of people by charging high interest rates. Many people are fooled by variable interest rates that begin to change and make life harder for working Americans. Our firm has experience in negotiating settlements and litigating against all the major credit card companies and can help you save thousands.