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Brown & Brown, PLC is a diverse firm located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan representing clients in Michigan primarily in Oakland County, Macomb County, and Wayne County.

Our firm has over 25 years of trial and litigation experience.  We are dedicated to providing quality and competent legal representation to all of our clients.  Our focus is on making sure that we do our very best for each and every client.

Our firm is licensed to practice in all courts in the state of Michigan including the Federal Courts and the Federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio.

​Credit Card Dispute Resolution 

Many times the credit card companies take advantage of people by charging high interest rates. Many people are fooled by variable interest rates that begin to change and make life harder for hard working Americans. Our firm has experience in dealing with all the major credit card companies and can help you save thousands. Our firm also has experience litigating against all the major credit card companies in Michigan.



Our firm has over 24 years experience in handling appeals in the Michigan Court of Appeals, Circuit Courts and the federal sixth Circuit Court of appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have successfully obtained reversals of judicial errors in criminal and civil cases.


Insurance Litigation

Settlement negotiations
Auto Insurance (first party and third party benefits),
Medical Insurance,

​Construction Lien Law

Brown and Brown, PLC has over 20 years of experience in representing clients in the construction industry. We have experience in dealing with all aspects of the Michigan Construction Lien Act (CLA).

​Real Estate Law  Landlord Tenant 

Our firm has been handling real estate matters for over 25 years. We assist clients in drafting deeds, land contracts, leases, mortgages, purchase agreements and a long list of other documents involved in real estate both commercial and residential.  Our firm also represents clients in real estate litigation involving Landlord tenant, specific performance, boundary line disputes, easements, adverse possession and all other real estate related litigation. In addition, Brown and Brown, PLC represents clients in their short sale/foreclosure negotiations with mortgage companies and banks in both commercial and residential.

Landlord Tenant


We offer high-quality legal work and personal client service.

About Our Company

Focus Area

Employment Law

Our firm has successfully represented clients in racial discrimination lawsuits, sex discrimination lawsuits, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, negotiating contracts, negotiating severance packages and disputing noncompete agreements. We also have experience representing the employer in negotiations with employees involving contracts, severances, union disputes, drafting non-compete contracts and much more.


Personal Injury

There is no fee unless we win! Our firm has experience in representing clients in all types of personal injury cases including but not limited to slip and fall, dog bites, burn victims, wrongful death, car accidents, boat accidents, various types of negligence claims, nuisance claims, truck accidents and much more. Call today for a free consultation!

Criminal Law

Our firm has experience in representing clients from simple misdemeanors all the way to the most serious felony offenses. Our firm has appeared before the 6th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our firm has experience in writing habeas corpus briefs and extensive criminal trial experience.

Family Law

We have represented both Husbands and Wives in their disputes involving parenting time, custody arrangements, divorce, child support, dividing assets and even the most complicated breakup of family businesses.

Business Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law & Limited Liability Companies

Our attorneys have been involved in multi-million dollar business deals involving the sale of real estate, commercial development, and complicated business contracts. Our firm can also help in drafting non-compete agreements, standard contracts, asset purchase agreements, forming of corporations and drafting of corporate formalities, and forming Limited Liability Companies.

Estates, Trusts and Probate Representation

We represent clients in all aspects of probate proceedings including trust disputes, will contests, guardian/conservator hearings and any other type of estate/trust matter. Our firm also offers estate planning packages which include Wills, Patient Advocates, Power of Attorneys and Trusts. We also have experience in Elder Law, Specialty needs planning and Probate Collections.